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Address Validator

Simple and effective solution to crush address problems

Why use Address Validator?

Customers often mistype shipping addresses and this leads to failed deliveries and ultimately, upset customers

Save Money

Save Money

Prevent inaccurate addresses that result in returned shipments & costly redelivery fees. Calculate cost savings here.

Simple Installation

Simple Installation

We did the heavy lifting so you can get started in seconds without coding

Awesome Support

Awesome Support

We are here to ensure your success and will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours



Address Validator is fully optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop devices

How does Address Validator work?

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Pricing built for businesses of all sizes

$0.04 per order

Simple installation without coding.

First 100 orders are free!

No credit card required to get started.

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Simple Pricing

Only pay for what you use. No hidden fees or gimmicks.


Risk-Free Trial

The first 100 orders are free. No credit card required to get started.


Cancel Anytime

If Address Validator is not for you, just uninstall it at anytime, no hidden costs or fees.


Volume Discount

 for enterprise pricing if you process 20,000+ orders per month

What merchants are saying


Our manual address validations are down 98% because of this app! Their customer service team is incredibly responsive and helpful. I'd definitely recommend adding this app to your store if you are receiving a lot of incorrect addresses from customers.


This app has helped us immensely with the amount of incorrect addresses we receive on our orders - so our fulfillment process is much more efficient! Thank you so much.

Peace Out Inc
Peace Out Inc.

Shopify does not have a built in feature to exclude PO Boxes. If you only ship UPS this is a huge issue! I searched high and low on the interwebs looking for a solution and there was only 1: Address Validator. I installed it and needed some further customization so put in a feature request. This normally would have taken weeks, but somehow their support team resolved my issue within hours! We are now able to alert customers who checkout with PO Boxes and request a street address on the order confirmation page. The customer support responsiveness made this a pleasure to troubleshoot. Thank you!


Ready to get started?

Simple installation without coding. First 100 orders are free!

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Address Validator is loved by merchants worldwide

Implementing this app has minimized the PO Boxes being submitted on orders as well as reduced the fees for address corrections. The Address Validator Team goes above and beyond to make sure we are fully optimized with the settings both in the initial setup and after a 3 month analysis. They are very quick to respond to any questions we may have. This app is highly recommended.

We use this app to help reduce address submission errors, most importantly for international orders. It has helped us reduce the amount of user submission errors, reducing the manual work required on our side when a user enters an invalid address. The Team has also been extremely helpful in helping us solve issue and even building out new features to improve the app and help us overcome some of the more common validation issues we experience. 5 stars!

I'd give this app 7 stars if I could. It's super intuitive, has a ton of options to fit your exact need and if you can't figure something out, their support is TOP. They're US based and when I needed something they got on the phone with me until it was resolved perfectly. I got the app because I had a PO box problem (FedEx doesn't ship to PO boxes but customers kept checking out with a PO box), and this is EXACTLY what I needed. It informs the customer they can't check out with a PO box, and stops them from doing so if they try. I needed some additional customization and the Address Validator Team was incredibly helpful. 7 stars.

Five Stars

4.9 out of 5 stars from 100+ verified reviews


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Misdeliveries Prevented

Millions of misdeliveries prevented